Turf or sow grass –
Will you choose sod or want to sow your own grass? By sowing your own turf, you can garden in a budget-friendly way #budgettuineering
It takes a little more time to get your lawn green. In this garden blog you’ll find tips for a nice green lawn. In addition, advice on annual maintenance.

Sow your own lawn or use turf?
You can choose sod. This gives a quick green result but is also more expensive than sowing your own lawn. The turf is grown on mats at a turf farm. You then get rolls of grass with roots and all. The subsoil must be properly level, free of stones and contain sufficient humus.

Calculate the correct number of m2. For a rectangle this is easy. If you have a different shape, measure it and ask your turf supplier for the right number of m2. Several suppliers have a tool on their website to calculate this.